Kids Martial Arts at Tiger-Rock of the Westbank!

Are you seeking a kids martial arts academy on the Westbank? Look no further than Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, one of America’s favorite martial arts academies! We offer kids martial arts classes for students ages 4 to 15 years old, teaching kids on the Westbank taekwondo self-defense lessons that will help them now and if the future. With a great location, convenient class times, and loads of fun, Tiger-Rock gives each child an experience no other academy can match!

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At Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, we have a unique curriculum for different age groups.

Tiger-Cubs (ages 4-5) 

Kids in pre-school and kindergarten are enrolled into our renowned Tiger-Cubs program. Students in this program learn the basics of martial arts and beginner kids taekwondo at our Gretna martial arts academy. Lessons include drills on basic kicks, strikes, and patterns. Most movements they learn are symmetrical in nature. Thus, we’re able to help students develop balance and coordination. Moreover, Gretna’s kids taekwondo lessons provide a solid foundation in motor skills development as well as listening skills.

Juniors (ages 6-11) 

Our Juniors Program features a curriculum that is tailor-made for elementary school students. Students in this program learn kicks and strikes. In addition, we introduce sparring drills into our lessons. The Tiger-Rock Juniors taekwondo self-defense program helps your child focus, stay active, and stay mentally sharp. Plus, we introduce important anti-bullying and stranger awareness training to help keep your child safe off the mat.

Youth (ages 12-15) 

At Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, we recognize how important the adolescent and teenage years are. That’s why our Youth Program focuses not only on martial arts, but also leadership, teamwork, and citizenship. The lessons taught at our Gretna taekwondo school include traditional martial arts training, self-defense techniques, and anti-bullying education. We want to help students in this age group navigate these formidable years so that they are successful later on in life.

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After your child starts at Tiger-Rock…

Your child will experience a growth in confidence. At Tiger-Rock, we help your child set goals and accomplish things they never thought possible. We can’t describe the excitement that kids and parents have when they reach new levels at our academy.

Your child will be more discipline. Many parents tell us that they notice a major change after their child starts martial arts training. Their child starts listening, following directions, and respecting authority. Students learn to exhibit discipline on and off-the-mat.

Your child will be healthier. Martial arts is a great way for kids to stay healthy. Tiger-Rock of Gretna’s taekwondo and self-defense training offers numerous benefits such as helping kids maintain a healthy weight, improving cardiovascular health, and build athleticism and strength.

Your child will experience tremendous growth. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts teaches important lessons in life skills, self-defense, and personal development. With our tenets of taekwondo, we help students become focus, disciplined individuals who exhibit leadership and good citizenship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will martial arts help with my child’s behavior? Parents often tell us that after their child started at Tiger-Rock, they noticed a remarkable change in their behavior. Their child exhibited more self-control. They were following directions. A core part of our lessons teach personal responsibility and respecting authority.

My child is struggling in the classroom. How can martial arts help? Tiger-Rock can help with your child’s academic performance in many ways. For example, we have an academic accountability program. Plus, we teach students the importance of listening, paying attention, following directions. Our parents have told us that their child has had better experiences in school after starting at Tiger-Rock.

Will martial arts help my child develop social skills? At Tiger-Rock, we believe that no one sits on the bench. Therefore, your child will always be participate in an inclusive environment that encourages your child to work with other students to succeed. As a result, your child will gain important social skills at our academy.

Does martial arts help my child be healthier? Yes. Martial arts is a physical activity that keeps children active. In fact, martial arts can improve your child’s cardiovascular health, help maintain a healthy weight, and build and develop muscle and athleticism.

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