Your martial arts academy in Mandeville, LA

Personal development, physical fitness, life skills, and self-defense through our Mandeville martial arts school. Classes for ages 4 and up!

Why Choose Tiger-Rock?

At Tiger-Rock of Mandeville, our experienced martial arts school and self defense class instructors will teach you ancient techniques under a modern roof. We believe that every person has a tiger within them, dwelling beneath the surface, preparing to strike. We want to help you reach your full potential. Under the instruction of our Mandeville martial arts masters, you will learn self-discipline and mastery of your physical movements. Whether you want to learn self-defense, build upon your motor skills, or become a part of something larger than yourself, Tiger-Rock can provide. We have over 100 locations spread across the United States and thousands of students. Join the multitude. Become a student at Tiger Rock.

Master Instruction

After you step into our Tiger-Rock of Mandeville Martial Arts school and self defense class facilities, you will be under the wing of our certified instructors. All of our instructors must continually re-certify themselves and keep up with the latest martial arts policies so that you are getting all you can out of the experience.


We can accommodate the ins-and-outs of your schedule. Considering the scope of our influence, we have been able to hold classes for adults in the later evening. This way you can still make your classes after your workday is over. For kids, we have classes in the afternoon so that they can come in after school. We want you to be as comfortable as you can be.

A Unique Program

Tiger-Rock Mandeville Martial Arts school self defense classes combine taekwondo with tactics from other popular martial arts styles. You can learn the skills you need while building muscle and toning your body. A healthy workout can do you no wrong!

No Obligations

Tiger-Rock does not implement long-term contracts. You may come and go as you please to suit your needs. After all, we are providing a service to you, not the other way around. We do recommend attending class 2 to 3 times a week to ensure you are getting the most out of our program.

What Can Martial Arts Do For Me?

This is the winning question. You’re busy, your kids are busy, and you need to invest your time in something that will benefit you long term. So, what can formal martial arts training do for you? Let’s take a look at the benefits.

Martial arts boosts your confidence: The knowledge that you can defend yourself physically will bring you a sense of ease in your daily life. After mastering your own capabilities, you can move through the world with a sense of intrinsic strength. Furthermore, achieving your goals and realizing your own progress will give you an accomplishment to be proud of. We want to see you soar.

Become physically fit: Do you want to work towards a certain physical goal, but dislike the standard gym environment? Are you the type who thrives best in a social setting? Then coming to our martial arts school may be right for you. While learning martial arts techniques, you will be training and tuning your body like an instrument. Tone and form during our kicking and striking drills. Build muscle without lifting weights at the gym.

Learn essential life skills: Our young students benefit from this the most. If your child or teen is enrolled at Tiger-Rock, they will learn self-discipline and how to resolve a conflict. In the case that your child has behavioral issues related to authority or concentration, our master instructors can be a firm guiding hand in their life.

Have fun: Perhaps the most obvious benefit of enrolling in one of our classes is that you’ll be having fun! Add a new dimension to your life that involves a strong social circle and a vigorous energy release. All of our instructors are prepared to fuel you with positivity and encouragement. Come in and see for yourself!

If you are already thinking about enrolling in Tiger-Rock’s Mandeville martial arts school and self defense classes, don’t hesitate. You have a good reason. Perhaps you or your child want to have a better defense against physical threats or is in need of a regular workout. Maybe your finer motor skills need a tune-up under a qualified instructor. Whatever the case is, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts has everything you need to excel. Take a moment to reach out to us and discover how martial arts can change your life for the better.