Kids Martial Arts in Mandeville, LA

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts in Mandeville has been the destination for kids martial arts and self-defense training classes for over 30 years. Students from across Mandeville and surrounding North Shore communities have trained at our academy. Our martial arts training has helped kids get healthier, stronger, and faster. We have taught and continue to teach vital life skills to kids such as self-defense, listening, following directions, and building personal strength. Tiger-Rock offers children in Mandeville kids martial arts and self-defense classes for ages 4-15. Your child will learn to set goals, boost their self-confidence, pick-up important self-defense skills, and have a lot of fun doing it.

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Our kids martial arts programs

At Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, we have developed an age-group specific curriculum. This allows us to offer lessons that are appropriate for your child’s physical and cognitive development.

Tiger-Cubs (ages 4-5) We place our youngest martial artists into our Tiger-Cubs program. This program focuses on the building blocks of martial arts. Students learn basic kicks and martial arts patterns. We place an emphasis on symmetrical movements to build balance and coordination. Thus, your child will have a head start in the development of their motor skills.

Juniors (ages 6-11) Students in elementary school participate in our Juniors program. This program introduces a wider range of martial arts forms. Junior classes typically feature drills in kicking, striking, and sparring. This is the perfect activity to help keep your kids physically active and mentally engaged. Students learn the value of following instructions and situational awareness. In addition, we also provide kids in Mandeville with important self-defense and anti-bullying lessons.

Youth (ages 12-15) The adolescent and teenage years are the most important years of your child’s life as much of the foundation that will set up the rest of their lives are built during this time. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Mandeville understands this. Therefore, our Youth Program not only focuses on kids martial arts and self-defense training but also leadership and citizenship training. We want to help develop a foundation that is solid as possible for tomorrow’s leaders.

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After your child starts at Tiger-Rock…

They will experience a boost in confidence. Imagine how excited your child will be once they accomplish a new goal. Our instructors focus on positive reinforcement and building on what the student does right.

They will be more disciplined. Parents tell us all the time that after their child starts martial arts training, they notice an immense improvement in their behavior. Students learn how to channel energy relation to respecting authority.

They will be healthier. Martial arts training has been proven to improve cardiovascular health. It is an excellent activity for kids to stay active. Regular kids martial arts lessons can improve flexibility, build athleticism, and help maintain a healthy weight.

They will grow. Tiger-Rock of Mandeville kids martial arts and self-defense classes for ages 4-15 offer valuable lessons in life skills, self-defense, and personal development. Your child will experience a great deal of personal growth in a positive, high-energy environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My child has behavioral problems…will martial arts help? Martial arts can improve your child’s behavior. Self-control and discipline are major parts of martial arts instruction. Tiger-Rock teaches young students to be responsible for their actions and to control their emotions.

My child is struggling in school. How can martial arts help? At Tiger-Rock, we are big on academic accountability. The lessons that we teach in self-control, self-discipline, and personal responsibility often translate off the mat to better performance in the classroom.

I want my child to develop social skills. Is martial arts a good way to do it? Tiger-Rock offers Mandeville kids martial arts and self-defense classes for ages 4-15, and is a place for children to build confidence in themselves. In addition, students will learn respect for others. Most important, our students are part of a positive, safe environment to learn life skills and develop strong social skills.

Can martial arts help my child be healthier? Yes. Martial arts is a physical activity that helps keeps kids active. In fact, it provides benefits such as improvement in cardiovascular health, building muscle strength, and weight loss. Moreover, students will learn the value of healthy eating and proper physical fitness.

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