These classes for adults in Mandeville, LA will change your life.

Attention Mandeville! Adult self-defense and martial arts classes from Tiger-Rock can help you reshape your body and mind. You will experience an incredible change in your physical fitness, self-confidence, and ability to focus.

Designed for students ages 16 and older, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts features exciting, high energy adult self-defense & martial arts classes led by the best martial arts and self-defense instructors on the North Shore!

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You may want to take a martial arts class if…

You want to protect yourself and your family. In a world where you have to expect the unexpected, you want to be prepared for the surprises life may throw your way. You have the desire to learn new skills and techniques from our Tiger-Rock Mandeville adult self-defense and martial arts instructors to keep you and your family safe.

…You want to get fit. With a hectic schedule, you may find it difficult to find time to get a good amount of exercise. Whether aim to shed pounds or boost your health, you need an activity that will help you achieve your goals and adult self-defense classes may be the perfect thing.

…You want a healthy way to reduce stress and build confidence. Often, we find ourselves in situations that cause stress, increase anxiety, and make us lose confidence. Imagine signing up for an activity after work that reduces stress, reduces anxiety, and builds confidence.

Do all of these sound familiar? If that describes you perfectly, you need to sign up for Tiger-Rock.

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Why Mandeville and the North Shore community loves our adult martial arts class

At Tiger-Rock, we provide a training experience that no other martial arts academy can match. Here are three BIG reasons why students love our adult martial arts class:

Heart-pounding, calorie-burning workouts! Many of our students take our adult martial arts class to get in shape! Martial arts training offers numerous fitness benefits including muscle toning, improving flexibility, building strength, and helping you lose weight. Our kicking, striking, and conditioning drills will help improve your physical fitness!

Real-world self-defense training! It’s important to always be prepared for the unexpected. Tiger-Rock offers comprehensive, real-world self-defense lessons that will give you the mental and physical tools to decisively act in the event of an attack. As a result, you will gain a measure of confidence and ability in defending yourself.

Personal growth. Students often tell us that they enrolled in a martial arts class because they felt something missing. While each experience is unique to each student, we can say that taking classes from our Tiger-Rock Mandeville adult self-defense & martial arts instructors can make an incredible difference for you personally. As you accomplish new things and set higher goals, you will experience an abundance of personal growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never been athletic. Can I still participate in martial arts training? You can start training in martial arts at anytime. You do not need an athletic background to develop into a martial artist. Tiger-Rock of Mandeville’s martial arts and self-defense training system is accommodating to almost every fitness level.

How safe is martial arts? Make no mistake about it: martial arts is a very physical activity. However, we can say with confidence that martial arts is a very safe form of training. Tiger-Rock’s certified Mandeville adult self-defense & martial art instructors help you perform each move properly to reduce the risk of injury. Moreover, we emphasize safety on the mat.

How does Tiger-Rock fit into my busy schedule? We have our classes on weekday evenings and Saturday mornings. Tiger-Rock members have unlimited attendance privileges, so you can come train as many times as you wish in a week. We designed our schedule to ensure that it is compatible with the work and school schedule(s) of our students.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract? Tiger-Rock Martial Arts puts YOU first. Your comfort. Your success. That’s we do push you to sign any long-term, fixed-length contract.

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