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Personal development, physical fitness, life skills, and self-defense through the martial arts. Classes for ages 4 and up!

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Welcome to the Tiger Rock Dojo. Our Metairie taekwondo, martial arts and self defense instructors for kids and adults are ready to take in any and all new students, whether they are kids or adults. Through our tutelage they will become the most fearsome fighters you will ever encounter. We encourage all people of any creed or color to study a martial art. It can be the foundation for your success and give you tools that you can use in all walks of life. At Tiger Rock, we hope to truly make you well-rounded. Through our Metairie taekwondo, martial arts and self defense training for kids and adults, we can make you capable of taking on any challenge and seeing it through to the end.

We are a prestigious academy for taekwondo, martial arts and self defense. One of 100+ dojos around the nation that fights for Tiger Rock. Our programs are wide-ranging but primarily focus on the traditional fighting style of Taekwondo. There are a lot of unique techniques and philosophies that can be learned from this martial art. By using methods gained from these studies our fighters can learn self-defense skills and ways to combat aggressors such as a bully.

Tiger Rock believes that martial art can help you become your best self. Our form of fighting draws from Korean styles that also take from Karate. They are intertwined deeply with Taekwondo. We find that this is one of the most effective fighting styles because of its versatility. It will give you the knowledge about your body, your limits and what you’re capable of. There is personal wisdom in every movement that our students can extract. It’s an ancient form of fighting that has been within the fighting realm long before the United States was ever formed.

Our take is based on self-discipline. We believe that if you demonstrate control, and also release, you will be able to coordinate more complex movements. This extends to life beyond the fight. Coordination is the key to confidence and feeling capable of doing things that would otherwise scare people away. If you know what you have in your reach, you can make more decisive actions.

This is one of the most prominent lessons that students will take away from our teachings. You can become proficient, self-reliant, and powerful. However, none of these could be achieved if you did not first foster confidence and self-esteem. Our instructors dwell deeply on your personality and the way you fight. We strive to train our fighters in ways that fit their own unique physicality.

We have a multitude of Metairie taekwondo, martials arts and self defense programs for kids and adults of all age groups that will teach you different levels of fighting. Starting early on our students are taught how to control their balance and their body movements. Before they even learn the full scale moves Taekwondo offers they have to learn body discipline. This is how our pupils have grown to such impressive levels. Once you understand your body, you can do the moves with the utmost ferocity. It’s important to follow through in everything you do because hesitance can be life-threatening.

When you mature through our ranks, or perhaps if you join our academy at an older age, you will be brought into the full-scale adult classes. They will teach the moves, philosophies, and tips of Taekwondo. By this time, you may have even qualified for a black belt. We would be very proud, indeed.

As you develop and continuously grow through our programs we also have those options to take it to the highest level. There are local, regional, national and even international tournaments that we can offer access to. However, they will be very difficult and the challenges are of a very high caliber. Yet still, our fighters have learned from the best though and will bring honor to the Tiger Rock name with their endeavors. We practice excellence and preach mindfulness so that you can always work to improve yourself.

Remember that our Metairie Taekwondo, martial arts, and self defense classes for kids and adults are flexible and accessible to all ages. If you register as a member of our Dojo you are free to join in on any of our classes and get first-rate instruction. Our goal is to build powerful people through the most natural and traditional means. Please feel free to explore our website and find the programs perfect for you. If you need a consultation or would like to visit our location for more information you can look below at our contact listings. We are eager to hear from you soon!