Kids & Teen Martial Arts in Metairie

Attention parents! Tiger-Rock has offered Metairie Taekwondo kids self-defense classes to students for nearly 30 years. Students at our academy train in a safe, controlled environment that will help them grow their focus, strength, and character. Students learn important life skills such as self-defense, listening to instructions, following directions, and stranger awareness. We’re confident that after a few lessons at our academy, your child will be on the path to becoming healthier, stronger, and more confident.

Our kids and teen martial art classes are designed for students from 4 to 15 years old.

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Our programs for kids and teens

Tiger-Cubs (ages 4-5) Pre-school and kindergarten-age students are placed in our Tiger-Cubs program. Our Metairie Taekwondo program for kids focuses on the building blocks of motor skills, with lessons that help students improve their balance and coordination. Students in this age group learn how to follow directions and listen to instructions.

Juniors (ages 6-11) Elementary grade-school kids participate in our Juniors Program. Our Juniors Program helps build discipline, focus, and confidence in your child. Students work on kicks, strikes, and sparring techniques. Our lessons help keep your child active and engaged mentally and physically. Moreover, students learn important self-defense techniques, stranger awareness, and participate in vital anti-bullying education.

Youth (ages 12-15) Middle school and high school students are placed into our Youth program. Designed for adolescents and teens, students in this program learn martial arts and life skills. Plus, students participate in various character-building activities to instill the values of good citizenship and leadership. Most important, students learn advanced self-defense techniques and anti-bullying strategies that are best suited for their daily lives.

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Once your child starts training at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts…

They will get a boost of confidence. Your child will be excited once they accomplish a new goal. They will learn a lot of new things about martial arts, life skills, and most importantly, themselves. They will experience a boost in self-esteem and build a positive self-concept.

They will exhibit more discipline. We can’t tell you how many parents have told us that they have seen a remarkable improvement in their child’s behavior after taking Metairie self defense classes for kids. A parent actually told us that they don’t have to ask their child to do something more than once now!

They will be more fit and healthy. Metairie Taekwondo classes for kids are a great way to stay active. It is an incredible workout that helps students improve their cardiovascular health, build strength, build athleticism, and channel their energy.

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Our parents have told us…

  • “Ever since he started training at your school, he’s been a lot more respectful. He’s been channeling his energy and he’s so well behaved now.”
  • “My child has become a lot more confident in himself. Usually he was quiet and reserved, but now he’s a lot more sociable and outgoing.”
  • “My daughter had been really down because of what was going on at school…but since she’s started at Tiger-Rock, she feels that she has found a second home.
  • “My little girl cannot WAIT to get to class! She loves the instructors and she always has fun in every lesson!”

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