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Tiger-Rock’s Tae kwon do schools Northshore LA courses are great for physical and mental health. We have programs for both kids and adults. Your physical and mental fitness will be improved as you move through our program at your own individual rate. The world can be a tough place where your inner core will be tested and tried. Fortunately, martial arts training will boost your confidence and self-esteem by a wide margin. Martial arts are also a great way to handle stress and anxiety in a safe and healthy manner. With our 15 step program, you will be sure to get the learn the best techniques around:

The White Belt

The first accomplishment begins with the decision to develop the skills of a martial artist by going through the 15 steps of our ranking program. During this phase, you will receive the first belt by completing the first challenge.

The Yellow Belt

Work hard and never give up on your goals and life targets. Goals become a reality with focus and perseverance. At Tiger-Rock, students will learn to prioritize the most important goals and will become committed to the journey of becoming a well-rounded martial artist. During this phase, you will demonstrate your commitment to improvement and growth by signing the Black Belt Pledge.

Tae Kwon Do Schools Northshore LA

Tae Kwon Do Schools in Northshore LA

Green Belt Level 1

When reaching this point, you will have accomplished the two levels prior to this thus far. You will continue having commitment because hard-work and dedication are important to reaching goals. When you truly begin to focus on your dreams, the process of improvement finally begins. At his point, you will give up one weekly distraction to help achieve your most important goals.

Green Belt Level 2

When looking to improve your overall health and abilities, it is extremely important to have self-belief” At Tiger-Rock, you’ll learn how important belief is when trying to achieve goals and reach targets. At this point in the journey, you will share something about yourself with your classmates and will also share some goals you wish to accomplish in the future.

Green Belt Level 3

The opportunity to improve is always there for the taking. During this phase, you will learn how important practice is to achieving your goals. At Tiger-Rock, you will learn that repetition is great for making goals achievable and reachable.

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Blue Belt Level 1

Martial arts is about constantly finding ways to push your limits further than ever before. With Tiger-Rock, you will find several challenges per session that will truly test your mental and physical limits. One thing that you will learn here is that challenging your limits is always better than limiting your challenges.

Blue Belt Level 2

One thing we like to share with our students is how the more challenging the task, the more rewarding accomplishing the task becomes. Making sure always to challenge yourself is a very important part of growing and improving in multiple aspects of your life. At Tiger-Rock, you can be sure that sessions won’t be easy to get through but will ultimately prove very rewarding when you notice the end results.

Blue Belt Level 3

One this that is good to keep in mind is the importance of learning from past experiences. Additionally, identifying your strengths and weaknesses is a great way to focus on what you need to improve on. When you train with Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, you will be encouraged to find ways to work on the aspects of your life where you are struggling in the most.

Brown Belt Level 1

Learning how to observe the world around you is a great skill to acquire, furthermore, observations are great for finding out what is true and what isn’t. At our gyms, you will get the chance to observe many martial artists and determine for yourself what will work and what won’t.

Brown Belt Level 2

A true leader can determine when a part of the team needs assistance and will adequately address the need for help. The people who need help won’t always voice their need for assistance. This is where your observation skills will be put to the test. During your training in Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, you will be encouraged to hone your observation and leadership skills.

Brown Belt Level 3

True leaders will help a team member in need in a timely and effective manner. The first step in helping someone out is being able to recognize the need for assistance. Therefore, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts training will help a student hone their mental coordination to make them more capable of being adequate leaders.

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Red Belt Level 1

A true leader is someone who will aide someone in need without thinking about it.  Working together with others will be very beneficial when it comes to getting things done. At Tiger-Rock, you will receive training to improve your overall mental capacities. As a result, you will have the tools necessary to work in a team environment.

Red Belt Level 2

When there is a high level of teamwork, more goals can be achieved at faster rates. Teamwork is very important in life, as many situations will require the ability to work well with others. When you train with Tiger-Rock, you will develop great skills in communication and sharing of thoughts. The better you communicate, the better you are at getting things done.

Red Belt Level 3

Did you know that the influence of a leader is measured by their ability to inspire the actions of others? You will learn to start using your actions to define what a martial artist is to you. At this point, you will find a way to let your actions send a message about your beliefs and ambitions.

Black Belt

This is what any student has been working so hard for. This is where you become a member of an elite group of martial artists. It is at this point that you will put your skills to use. It has taken fourteen steps to show off your leadership skills finally. You have earned the right to transform the world around you. The development of skills up to this point will give you the power to make a difference both on and off the mat. It is at this defining moment that you will explain to your classmates and leaders how you will use your Black Belt skills to transform the world.

If you are a competitive-spirited adult, you’ll love our karate dojos, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts students have the opportunities to participate in local, state and nationwide tournaments held annually. Our instructors are here students get the proper preparation in terms of mindset, physical fitness, and mental fortitude. The staff at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts creates a program that is designed just for you to not only compete but to win. Embracing the mental and physical training of martial arts will become second nature once you make the decision to take an adult class. You do not necessarily have to compete against another human being, but you can compete against your own self by developing personal short term and long-term goals.

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Once you are part of Tiger-Rock’s gym for a good amount of time, you’ll become accustomed to the intensity of our programs. There is no need to compete, but we encourage our students to compete against their former selves in order to improve and better their overall abilities. Making the decision to join our martial arts classes is a personal and very important one. Making the decision to train in martial arts is one that will be fruitful in many aspects of your life. Tae kwon do schools Northshore LA will show you a whole new level of self-improvement. Make the decision that is best for your long-term and short-term goals. Tiger-Rock Martial inn Metairie is located at 300 Dalwill Dr. Mandeville, La 70471. You’re more than welcome to check out our website by clicking here. Furthermore, you need more information and wish to reach one of our representatives, feel free to give us a call at (985) 624-3455. Come by and tour our facility today!

Northshore Louisiana Fun Facts

  • The State was named by Robert de LaSalle, an early French Explorer, which was named for the great Louis XIV, King of France
  • The new version of the Louisiana State Capitol was completed in March 1932 and cost $5 million fund and complete
  • Louisiana is connected to Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas and the Gulf of Mexico
  • Home to 64 parishes
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