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The Martial Arts school of Tiger Rock offers classes meant to increase strength, coordination, and confidence. We want our students to be physically fit and mentally sharp. With such a huge health crisis taking over the U.S., it’s important now more than ever to take up exercise and activities that will keep challenging you to improve. Tiger-Rock aims to provide classes to people dedicated to taking a personal journey filled with discipline and passion.

Our mission expands to more than this, though. Our self-defense training programs are safe havens for people, women, men and children alike are all experiencing the troubles and turmoil of the world. There are dangers and threats that seem to come from the most innocent of places. This is why a martial art can be a blessing just as much as a workout. We want to change people’s lives at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts.

Bullying is Still a Problem in America

There is no denying that people are still subject to oppression. Whether it is in the workforce or in the schoolyard, there are times when someone simply feels that the best way to express themselves is violence. When situations like this occur, good people are caught in bad situations. If they don’t have the proper training, they will be in deep water. It is critical to teach our youth and also ourselves how to protect ourselves. If not from others, from ourselves.

Bullying is a central issue to many people and sometimes it comes from themselves, too. The thoughts within a person’s mind can be catalyzing or demoralizing. It’s important to foster positive mental habits at an early age, but if that was never the case, then it’s a great time to start now. The problems that end up plaguing us as we grow up are the damaging relationships that were never cut off. This can include your own relationship with your body. If you are constantly bashing yourself, this is an excellent example of bullying. It’s hard to accomplish anything when you keep doubting yourself.

Our classes are designed to fill in the space of your doubt and expand your capabilities. You can see the difference in someone with positive reinforcement and feel that they are mentally, emotionally and physically smarter. You can even find better ways to navigate through social situations with better coordination of your body. Being more positive with yourself can lead you to help others find confidence in their abilities, too.

These martial arts skills will not just protect you in a fight, although they will. The best benefits are going to be in your mind and in your heart. Learning to never give up, and forcing yourself to stay aware of the ever-changing environment around you. These are the same elements that are demanded from all walks of life. With these lessons at your core, you can lead a life full of security and confidence, empowering others just as much as yourself.

Drills from Tiger-Rock Martial Arts

Tiger-Rock has classes that include the basic to complex techniques of striking, kicking and sparring. These types of drills will strengthen motor skills, physical ability, balance, and coordination. You can understand larger combinations of moves and begin to create your own form of movement. This can become your own craft as it molds you and you mold it.

When a student feels good about themselves those positive vibes shine through. We pride ourselves on producing a program that builds upper and lower body strength. Not only do the people see a physical difference after they begin to evolve, but their cardiovascular health also improves. You can set up training multiple times a week or just once, it is totally dependent on what your schedule can handle. We will be as flexible as your stretches!

Be Proud of Who You Are

Students come from a variety of backgrounds and not anyone homelife is the same. Tiger-Rock serves as a second home to some of our students. We pride ourselves in stimulating the minds of people so they can learn to pave their own path to success. As a member of Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, students and masters alike are always studying and training to become better. Their hunger for challenges and thirst for knowledge keeps them ahead in life.

We also aim to increase the competitive side in people and give them the intensity and energy to continue building their goals despite adversity and even animosity. are encouraged to participate in our annual fall, spring and summer tournaments. They become physically fit, their mental health and endurance improve. By setting a goal as high as participating in a tournament teaches students step by step how to accomplish the goal.

Short Term Goals & Success

Short term goals such as moving up in rank by the color of your belt allow the kids to set obtainable goals, reach these goals and feel the reward. Once this process is repeated, it becomes a way of life and that impacts the future of each student. Teens often receive entertainment from films or the internet and don’t resort to physical activity for joy. The demands of cell phones and video games have replaced the physical and mental endurance that was once a staple in our society. Some generations even blame the child obesity problem with a lack of physical activity. It’s time to rebuild our attention span and give us the tenacity that instant gratification has softened over time. We are still the same ambitious people, but it’s time to renew our drive.


Discover Tiger-Rock Today

Instead of staying inside all day, trade-in video games and cell phones for positive reinforcement, structure, and leadership. Building confidence, strengthening physical and mental fitness and educating teens on anti-bullying is our message. Come by our location and observe our karate classes for kids. Tiger-Rock is located at 300 Dalwill Dr. Mandeville, La 70471. Check out our website by clicking here. If you need information and want to reach out to one of our professionals, please give us a call (985) 624-3455. Come by and tour our facility today!

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  • Louisiana employs 190,000 wage and salary workers whose annual earnings are $1.9 billion
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