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Karate Class

Taekwondo is beneficial for all ages. Kids as young as four years old. For kids, this type of martial arts can help strengthen bones, muscles and improve coordination and balance. can go head to head with pharmaceuticals in that Taekwondo can help children become more focused, more self-disciplined and more respectful of authority. The medical industry has a prescription for anything and everything. The alternative to pharmaceuticals is working an organic program with our professionals here at Tiger-Rock.

Tiger-Rock only hires the most dedicated instructors available. Our fully certified staff is here to create and help you implement your own personalized program. Once you are assessed by your trainer that is when the challenge becomes real.  Each program builds on the cognitive and physical abilities of the class before it. The results will be physically demanding and challenge your psyche, your fears, and your focus

Improve your overall Health & Well Being

Tiger-Rock offers classes for self-improvement purposes. You will become more physically fit and your mental health will improve. The obesity rate in this country has increased significantly that is why we are providing classes. You must make the decision to take this personal journey and incorporate the discipline that comes with it. School years are challenging today for junior and high school kids.

No one ever really knows what each child’s struggle is. Some students may never hear positive reinforcement which is why we make sure each student knows their worth. Moreover, it is challenging for a child to comprehend their self-worth. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts goes the extra mile to provide a positive environment for every potential student. Trying to fit in is often the hardest part of growing up. At Tiger-Rock Martial Arts the teens join a group of like-minded peers who can relate to typical pressures that they face today.

Expert trainers are on hand to assist each student as they embark on their own personal journey. The goal of Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is to create a positive social environment, create leadership opportunities and a healthy lifestyle that will stay with them for a lifetime.


Positive Reinforcement

Tiger-Rock extensively trains students in the values of good citizenship and positive leadership. To have a mentor that you can trust to empower you as a student is valuable. As students move up it is not just a move in rank, it becomes a way of life. For the competitive adult, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts engages in regional, state and nationwide tournaments held yearly.

Our coaches are here to help you prepare mentally, physically and emotionally. The staff at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts creates a program that is designed just for you to not only compete but to win. We will challenge your stamina and then demand high-intensity drills to enhance your agility.

Our work is diligent and ambitious, we want to ensure that your core abilities are securely cemented with confidence and trust. This gives us comfort and cushion for experimentation. Understanding this aspect is important for all aspects of life! Embracing the mental and physical training of martial arts will become second nature once you make the decision to take our martial arts classes. You do not necessarily have to compete against another human being, but you can compete against your own self by developing personal short term and long-term goals.

Exposure to Violence

No one is immune to physical threats. We experience violence in films, television and online. It’s never a common feature in our daily lives, the thought of ourselves being violated is often the furthest from our mind. Yet, the mere thought of being attacked by a stranger is all so real. As kids, we are taught to stay away from strangers. As adults, it seems like there is not so much care being taken.

Act and allow yourself to embrace a course of action that will be automatic to you should you be faced by a threat. Self-defense is hardly ever planned out. A surprise encounter happens too often and rather than stand in a world of panic, you must have a self-defense system in place.

Tiger-Rock features realistic self-defense training classes. In order to defend yourself, you will learn a combination of striking, kicking and blocking moves in order to defend yourself.  Tiger-Rock Martial Arts employs an elite counter aggression training system which is an integral part of our adult martial arts training.

A Place To Channel Your Energy

There are many cases where we are just incredible energetic people. For one reason or another, whether there is a moment in our past that is driving us to become who we are, or that inner yearning to discover how far you can go. Whatever the case, there are avenues where you can express these powerful energies and healthy and empowering ways. To offer a taste of glory, and a chance to make your mark, Tiger-Rock hosts regional, state and nationwide tournaments yearly.

To gain access to this, you must have a ferocity so great it could only be matched by your grace. If that does not make very much sense, our masters will be here to help you prepare mentally, physically, and emotionally. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts creates programs that will challenge you to not only compete but to win.

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Embracing the mental and physical training of karate near me Mandeville LA will become second nature once you make the decision to take an adult class. You do not necessarily have to compete, but you can compete against your own self by developing personal short term and long-term goals. Tiger-Rock is located at 300 Dalwill Dr. Mandeville, La 70471. Check out our website by clicking here. If you need information and want to reach out to one of our professionals, please give us a call (985) 624-3455. Come by and tour our facility today!

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  • Forestry is Louisiana’s largest industry with an economic impact from paper-making and wood products greater than all other crops combined
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  • Louisiana is the nation’s largest producer of alligator hides and crawfish
  • Louisiana has 64 parishes
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